You will need the following:

1″ hole punch (available from any craft store/Walmart/Target)

Nylon Stretchy necklaces I got mine from Etsy, (not sure what they are officially called)

Bottle caps (Etsy…you can get approx, 150 for $6.00)

Magnets (Make sure they are EXTRA STRONG or it won’t stay on)

Images to “punch”  (you can print these from Etsy…it is best to use Photo paper. They come in one inch circles which is the perfect size. Otherwise you can draw your own, or use scrap paper,stickers, etc…)

Glue (either glue stick/ mod podge, and EnviroTex Lite High Gloss)

Washers (take your magnet with you to make sure the washers you get stick to the magnet)


1. Punch your images and glue them (with a glue stick or mod podge) to the bottle cap, make sure you glue the edges.  (note: you can use either the inside of the bottle cap, or the outside.  I found the outside works best)

2.  Coat the glued image with mod podge (I put a couple of layers on to seal the image).

3.  Once your mod podge is dry, mix the EnviroTex Lite according to their directions.  Brush or drip the glue onto the top of the image.  This is a hardener, and will give your bottle cap a nice shiny and hard finish.  Let this dry completely.  It will take a couple of days.  (note: if you have bubbles in the top of your cap from the glue, wait a few minutes and gently exhale, Do Not Blow, on the cap.  This will get the bubbles out).

4.  Once your cap is dry, flip it over and glue the magnet to the back of the cap (I use Jewel It glue, but a hot glue gun will work too).

5.  Put the washer on the nylon necklace. 

6.  Add the bottle cap and you are done!  (This image is glued on the outside of this cap.)

These make great gifts.  I like how the bottle caps are interchangeable.   These are also fun to do at a birthday party and then the girls can take the necklace home as their favor.

Let me know if you have any questions!



  1. that’s really cool how you do that my friend and I are 12 and we really want to do somthing to help cure breast cancer and we have a beach house in ocean lakes sc, so we were hoping to find out how to make the bottlecap neckles your website has been the best we have been looking at websites all day

  2. That was a really great explanation!! I have people ask me all the time how we make our necklaces…and I never can quite find the right way to explain it!! Another thing you may try is actually flipping the bottle cap the other way. Attaching the magnet to the other side, it helps “frame” your image. I attached a link below to my website…I have some examples there! Again…great job!!

    • When we did it the other way to “frame” the image, it did not dry nice and hard. It is still a little sticky for some reason. When we glued it to the outside of the bottle cap, the image was nice and sealed and had a good hard coat on top.

  3. at the top in the “You will need the following”
    it says a 1″ hole punch when do you use that in the craft

    • You use it to punch out whatever image you are putting on top of your bottle cap necklace. It is easier than putting the bottle cap on the image and then tracing around it and cutting it out.

  4. I have been researching how to make these necklaces for a while and stumbled upon this great post. I was just wondering if you could tell me where on Etsy that you found those adorable stickers. I am not finding anything that is just right

  5. hi guys! When I made my bottlecaps, I made them way different. First of all, I totally agree on putting your design on the outside of the bottle cap This works way better.
    What I did was i got a bottle cap and sprayed it with a Primer. After letting that completely dry, I spray painted the bottle cap. After that dried, I traced a quarter (which is the perfect size to put on your bottle cap) on the type of paper I wanted to use for my bottle cap design (construction paper or cardtock is just fine). I then glue the circle (a craft glue or a strong glue works). When that dries I glued jewels or I added some sparkles!

  6. Thanks for the tips. My daughter wants to make these as a craft for her birthday party, but we’re having problems with the magnets not holding the caps to the necklace. I’ll have to search for the extra strong magnets – any clue where to get those?

  7. Do you remember what size washer you used? I am trying to order them online and would like to know what to order. 😉

    Thanks and great explanation.

  8. How long does it take for the mod podge to dry? I want to do this during a birthday party and want to know if I will have enough time.

  9. I am using E-6000 to secure the image to the top of the bottlecap and then putting an epoxy dot on top. I have already had one necklace brought back because the image did not hold on the cap. Any suggestions?

  10. Thanks, but I don’t wanna glue anything on my bottle caps… I collect them and I have some really old ones, so I want to have a vintage feel. Would I just use a drill bit or something like that so I can have permanently one a chain?

  11. could you also just use glue to put over it?! I used it and it works PERFECTLY! but i just don’t wear it on the water.

  12. Greetings from Venezuela my name is Maria, I like your site thanks for your good advice.
    I need your help .. I’m doing my bottlecap on photographic paper and the resin are placed blurry pictures, I need solutions urgently, can you help? would greatly appreciate it.

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